SecureLearn® is a Controlled Internet Access Platform for Getting High Risk Users Online and Reducing Recidivism

High risk users in the criminal justice system access online educational and skill building resources through SecureLearn. As a result, students achieve current and competitive certifications in preparation for their release. Probability for successful transitions are improved in order to reduce recidivism. Your staff determines the educational resources available and tailors them to your facility’s and student’s education needs and requirements.

All Equipment and Connectivity is Provided and Managed as part of the SecureLearn Solution

SecureLearn addresses the security concerns that have traditionally prevented corrections stakeholders from permitting students to have Internet access within their facilities. Consequently, high risk users gain access to materials that can improve their likelihood of rehabilitation and improve reentry success and recidivism metrics.

SecureLearn strictly manages your Internet environment providing student’s with access to the Internet resources sanctioned by the correction facility’s staff. As a result, attempts to gain access to non-sanctioned materials are blocked. Usage statistics get included in the user’s report and, if desired, will generate alerts to the staff.

Recommended sanctioned resources known to reduce recidivism rates include, but are not limited to:

  • Offender Online Education
  • Workforce Development
  • Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Education
  • Housing and Transportation Websites
  • GED Materials
  • Health Benefit Applications
  • Driver’s License Renewals and More….

Skill Building Continues

SecureLearn ensures Continuity of Learning and Development by providing on-going access to skill building resources as users move through the rehabilitation process.


SecureLearn is a joint venture between Internet Probation and Parole Control and Pearl Software.  Both organizations have in excess of 20 years of experience in the Cybersecurity space.  Since 2002, IPPC has been recognized as the “thought leader” in providing technology solutions for the specific purpose of managing high-risk computer and device users to help control recidivism.  Since 1996, Pearl Software has been inventing real-time, remote Internet monitoring, control and security solutions.


Our two organizations have joined forces to improve the lives of rehabilitated individuals and their families. Our focus is on facilitating parity in education, providing continuity of learning and strengthening successful re-entry outcomes.  We believe education is the cornerstone of success.  Through the pursuit of knowledge and the development of critical thinking skills, our end-users are better positioned to achieve positive outcomes in their personal relationships as well as succeed in their professional endeavors.