Security procedures and processes in a Correctional environment are woven throughout each and every aspect of operations. All of us at SecureLearn recognize that Internet security is another facet of institutional security and we recognize the severity associated with maintaining an agency’s stalwart approach to preventing breaches. It is with this understanding and appreciation that we have designed, created, and hardened the SecureLearn® platform.

SecureLearn eliminates barriers to successful reentry while reinforcing your facility’s security and safety posture.  Only sanctioned content is made available to high risk users. Accessible content can be tailored by individual or by group.

Zer0-Client means Zer0-Hacking

The SecureLearn on-premises hardware is a zero-client terminal with a proprietary kernel.  Unlike tablet solutions that are built on Android, iOS, Windows or Linux operating systems, the secureLearn device provides no attack surface and zero opportunity to be hacked by end-users.

When we designed SecureLearn, we didn’t build an Internet access gateway and then secure it.  We integrated security into every aspect of the design – from the ground up.