The Internet is an integral component to criminal justice reforms. It is a comprehensive resource, which if leveraged, can be used by those in the criminal justice system to obtain job-readiness certifications, GEDs or their equivalents, driver’s license renewals or any other learning resource that can be used to help reduce recidivism.

“Learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought for with ardor and attended with diligence.”

Abigail Adams
Offender Learning


Provides Resources to Work Towards Self-Improvement Goals in Order to:

  • Obtain Employment
  • Successfully Reintegrate into the Community
  • Achieve Educational Goals
  • Develop a Framework of Positive Influences
  • Participate in Substance Abuse Prevention, Including NA and AA Mentors
  • Change Thinking Patterns, Victim Awareness and Develop Interpersonal Skills (Life Skills)
  • Establish Healthy Community Affiliations


Resources to Improve Rehabilitation Outcomes in Order To:

  • Facilitate Successful Reintegration into the Community
  • Reduce Technical Recidivism Rates
  • Reduce the Cost of Incarceration
  • Improve Facility Metrics
  • Increase Public Safety
  • Increase Student Continuing Education and Job Training Opportunities
  • Support Quantitative and Qualitative Data on Student Job Placement and Retention
  • Increase Tax Base with Measurable Outcome Tracking